New book, “I AM” Renewal from Within the Garden

Offers seeds of truth and lessons of spiritual empowerment


With increases in the number of people seeking spiritual answers and searching for ways to hold onto hope, the messages found in author Lucie K Lewis’ “I AM” are a welcomed resource.

Springfield, MA (January 2013) – Springfield born and raised author, Lucie K Lewis will release her new book, “I AM” Renewal from Within the Garden” on March 27, 2013. The  book lifts the veil to highlight the troubling shadows of the  unanswered spiritual questions that paralyze us, rob us of our faith and  leave us vulnerable to despair and depression. Lewis, too, has risen  from the depths of depression following the untimely death of her  mentor, Aunt Marion, and birth of her only child to publish this  treasure trove of biblical information that is helping readers take a  new look at the power of self-love taught through the Bible’s powerful  ‘I AM” statements. 

Thanks to Marion’s wisdoms, Lewis overcame many struggling times and pieced her life together using the tenets of God’s faith. Rising  from the days that she once paced through the old Steiger’s Department  Store and Johnson’s Bookstore where she wandered in a depressed state,  the Marion-inspired biblical exploration moved Lewis to overcome these  mental and emotional obstacles and to move forward to a stable life,  building a successful 20-year professional career in government,  education and now even her own business. As a testimony to Aunt Marion,  Lewis now shares the wisdom learned to help others navigate life and  find success.

Through  revisiting the lives of Old Testament patriarchs from the Adam in the  Garden of Eden to Moses and Joshua, Lewis unveils biblical messages in  new ways to empower each person to take steps of personal faith and  courage. The text is more than just religious reading. It walks readers  through the journey of Christ’s fourteen “I Am” statements with a  timeline of engaging opportunities to revisit traditional teachings.

As  a lay person with an angelic singing voice, skill in genealogy and a  life-long relationship with God, Lewis says: “The lessons that I share  in the book are filled with practical detail that will help the  churched, unchurched, faithful and faith-challenged find a new way to  make more sense out of biblical teachings that most people have never  really thoroughly studied or successfully learned. This is my learning  journey to claim Marion’s life-view as my own, but all is shared to help  others along their respective journey.” 

“I  hope to reach every person, from boomers to young people in all faiths  and stages of religious study or acceptance, who might need hope,  restoration and/or new ways to approach spiritual learning,” adds  Lewis.” Citing research from sources like the Barna Group that reported  in 2006 that nearly two-thirds of those who were considered unchurched  embraced spiritual activities routinely and the Pew Center for Research,  whose 2012 report cited a marked growth in the number of religiously  unaffiliated Americans between 2006 and 2012 but no change in the number  of people whose daily lives included spiritual activity, Lewis  recognizes that people are searching for a deeper spiritual  understanding from both inside the church and out.  Lewis adds,” This book could be a great spiritual connector.”

In addition, Lewis has created motivational items that visually capture the fourteen “I AM” statements.


Lucie  Lewis is an experienced freelance technical and creative writer.  Passionate about writing and its value in building understanding, she is  a storyteller and an educator at heart. She believes that writing is an  incredibly powerful educational tool and that education is a lifelong  journey. She is the owner/founder of Creative Futures, LLC providing  diverse writing services to her clients. Lucie has been published in the  Afro American Point of View Community Newspaper and Executive Forum  Magazine. She is currently writing for Western Mass Women’s Magazine and


Lewis will be holding a variety of book events beginning in February 2013. For detailed dates of upcoming events, please visit:  or to schedule an interview with Author Lucie K. Lewis please contact Dana at 413-426-9539 or 


In her  work, I AM: Renewal from Within the Garden, Dr. Lewis offers a unique  perspective on the questions everyone asks, but rarely gets answers to.  Through her extraordinary exploration, you will find a thought-proving  look at some of your long-held questions and a guide to creating the  path to renewing your faith and spirit.

Claudia Gere

Author Consultant

Claudia Gere & Co, LLC 

Lucie’s  very personal journey of seeking strength and understanding through  scripture resonated with me and kept me reading late into the night.   Her welding of inquiry and struggle paired with the strength and wisdom  of God’s Word forge a graceful and powerful bond. 

Maureen Moriarty