April 6 Book Launch Event

Official Press Release

April  6th event: Renewal in the Garden: Claiming your Spiritual  Transformation brings together spiritual authors and mental health and  faith-based professionals to celebrate the release of “I AM” Renewal from Within the Garden 

With  increases in the number of people seeking spiritual answers and  searching for ways to hold onto hope, author Lucie K Lewis shared her  personal journey to mental and spiritual health in her new book “I AM”. On  April 6, she joins spiritual authors with mental health and faith-based  professionals in the gardens of Forest Park to explore the relationship  between mental and spiritual health in sustaining personal empowerment.

Springfield, MA (March 2013) – On April 6, 2013, Springfield born author Dr. Lucie K Lewis will celebrate the release her new book, “I AM” Renewal from Within the Garden through an afternoon of conversation and music. The theme of the event, Renewal in the Garden: Claiming Your Spiritual Transformation, extends  the spirit of her book to create an uplifting environment that will  foster renewal, restoration and personal empowerment. Dr.  Lewis will host authors, mental health professionals and spiritual  leaders to talk freely about the connection between mental and spiritual  health and the journey to emotional recovery from life’s stresses  including the agony of grieve and loss.  

Dr.  Lewis, who has fought back from depression, overcame many struggling  times and pieced her life together using the tenets of God’s Word. She  wants to be able to help others to claim that healing by bringing  people together to share, to learn and to embrace their own path to  inner peace and transformation. “I hope to reach every  person, from boomers to young people in all faiths and stages of  acceptance, who might need hope, restoration and/or new ways to approach  spiritual learning,” adds Lewis.

The afternoon will begin with a tea from 2:00 to 3:30. A panel will lead a conversation about the Corner of Mental and Spiritual Health. Panelists include Dr. Ann Wilder and Sabrina Lewis. Dr. Ann Wilder of Uncommon Counseling, LLC (Unmasking The Inner You) located in Old Saybrook, CT is the author of On The Other Side of Bitter: A Look Into Naomi's Heart, a clinical Christian counselor, and a licensed pastoral counselor.  Sabrina  Lewis is the Clinical Director of the Springfield office of Academic  & Behavioral Clinic, Inc., an educator and experienced behavior  management and crisis intervention counselor. Additionally,  short tabletop conversations that include managing grieve and the  stress of life, building on your faith to nurture your entrepreneurial  spirit, and protecting your heart from the damage of stress are intended  to extend the conversation throughout the afternoon between 4 and 6. Dr. Ann Wilder, Sabrina Lewis and Pastor Charles Kearse are among the table hosts. 

The 4 -6 programming will be accented by praise dances and vocal performances.  The afternoon also includes an opportunity to meet authors Dr. Lucie Lewis and Dr. Ann Wilder. An author’s book signing fills out the afternoon. Books will be available for sale at that time.

The event will be held at Barney’s Carriage House in Forest Park from 2 to 6. (Use the Route 5 entrance.) Tickets for the tea are $35:00 and will include a complimentary copy of Dr. Lewis’ is “I AM” Renewal from Within the Garden.  Tickets must be purchased in advance as no tickets will be available at the door. All events from 4 to 6 are open to the public. 

For  more information on purchasing tickets for the tea, feel free to  contact LaMara Hunter (904) 402-5515, Janine Fondon (413) 221-7931 or  Lucie Lewis (413) 530-7447.


Lucie  Lewis is an experienced freelance technical and creative writer.  Passionate about writing and its value in building understanding, she is  a storyteller and an educator at heart. She believes that writing is an  incredibly powerful educational tool and that education is a lifelong  journey. She is the owner/founder of Creative Futures, LLC providing  diverse writing services to her clients. Lucie has been published in the  Afro American Point of View Community Newspaper and Executive Forum  Magazine. She is currently writing for Western Mass Women’s Magazine and  UnityFirst.com.


In her  work, I AM: Renewal from Within the Garden, Dr. Lewis offers a unique  perspective on the questions everyone asks, but rarely gets answers to.  Through her extraordinary exploration, you will find a thought-proving  look at some of your long-held questions and a guide to creating the  path to renewing your faith and spirit.

Claudia Gere

Author Consultant

Claudia Gere & Co, LLC


Lucie’s  very personal journey of seeking strength and understanding through  scripture resonated with me and kept me reading late into the night.   Her welding of inquiry and struggle paired with the strength and wisdom  of God’s Word forge a graceful and powerful bond. 

Maureen Moriarty