About The Author


Dr.  Lucie Lewis is an experienced freelance technical and creative writer.  Passionate about writing and its value in building understanding, she is  a storyteller and an educator at heart. She believes that writing is an  incredibly powerful educational tool and that education is a lifelong  journey. She is the owner/founder of Creative Futures, LLC providing  diverse writing services to her clients. 

Lucie  also loves just “looking stuff up” and “making sense out of nonsense.”  An avid genealogist, Lucie researches anything that will give her a  better understanding of the shoulders upon which we stand and the lives  that our ancestors led.   She is always looking for a more thorough  knowledge of the world in which she lives, clearer insight into anything  that just does not make sense to her or anything that she becomes  curious about. 

Lucie  draws on her diverse background including 22 years experience in higher  education to develop her strong analytical and research skills that  allow her to explore challenging topics and forge new understanding. She  has applied that skill to research topics as disparate as theological  concepts explored in this book and the historical backdrop for her  genealogical research.

She  holds an Ed.D from William Howard Taft University in Educational  Leadership, an M.A. in Human Services Administration from Springfield  College and a B.S. in Elementary Education from American International  College.

Lucie  has been published in the Afro American Point of View Community  Newspaper and Executive Forum Magazine. She is currently writing for  Western Mass Women’s Magazine and UnityFirst.com.