"I AM" Renewal From Within the Garden


Book Review: “I AM Renewal From Within the Garden, by Dr. Lucie K. Lewis”

Gina Beavers, Senior Staff Writer, Western Mass Women's Magazine - March/April 2013

It is difficult to use so few words to recommend Dr. Lucie K. Lewis’ book “I AM: Renewal From Within the Garden.” In an age of pop-up churches and self-improvement “philosophies,” Dr. Lewis’ journey to deepen her faith and overcome her struggles with God inspired knowledge is a beautifully written page-turner.

Lewis’ quest began in a year of great sorrow and great joy; while Lewis was pregnant, her spiritual rock, Marion died.  Thrust into deep depression and uncertainty, Lewis mined the depths of her faith and the Bible to find the loving God with whom Marion was so intimate. Through avid study and prayer Lewis not only drew closer to God but has given us a lovely map to find God’s treasure.  Indeed, “I AM” reads like a good mystery. Lewis focuses on the “I AM” statements of Jesus and links them back to the great I AM who declares sovereignty throughout the Old Testament. Examining the evidence in the Bible, Lewis reveals that Jesus’ existence predates all creation and is thus truly the revelation of the God of old.

Lewis’ choice to trust God to reveal Himself solely on His Word feels revolutionary.  And while she skillfully unravels the power of God’s word through cross referencing The Old and New Testaments, Lewis declares she is not a theologian.  Perhaps that is for the best; “I AM” is a perfect balance between professorial confidence and layman vulnerability.   For Dr. Lewis it is a great comeback story and her journey continues.

Reprinted with permission from Western Mass Women's Magazine

"I AM" Renewal From Within The Garden is a masterfully written book.  It is a wonderful blend of scholarly research and personal story.
John Henry Thomas, Jr.


What an absolutely wonderful book. It really addresses so many questions people have in regards to believing and having Faith. I highly recommend this, it really lifted me up from depression even.

Thank you.  Joan Adis          

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