"I AM" Renewal From Within the Garden

Book and Merchandise

“Your Journey Begins Within”


Book Cover Renewal from WithinMuch is said about the importance of knowing what you stand for so that you do not fall for just anything, but knowing what you stand on is what keeps you standing in the face of whatever comes. What you stand on becomes the anchor of your life. Do you know what your anchor is? Is it holding fast?

Dr. Lewis had anchored herself in the wisdom of a trusted confidant, standing through this cherished loved-one’s strength. When this very special woman died at a pivotal time in the life of Dr. Lewis, she felt lost until her search for a true center upon which she could reanchor her life led her on a remarkable journey of discovery and emotional healing.

In this work, Dr Lewis guides you through the lessons that soothed her weary soul and lifted her from depression as she studied the fourteen "I Am' statements of the Gospel. This book is for all who seek renewal, awakening, restoration, and hope in tomorrow. In these pages, you will find:

• A model for crafting your own path to a new beginning, • Answers to questions that can fill you with inner peace,

• Insights that empower you to embrace your inner strength. As you reach its closing pages, may you too be ready to stand and say “I am.”

Additional Merchandise
The Bible instructs us to write God’s word on our doorpost, gates, and foreheads as well as in our hearts and souls.  In keeping with this biblical command, Dr. Lewis has designed a visual reminder of God’s word for you to display in your homes or carry with you.  The fourteen "I am" statements of Christ have been extracted from “I AM”-Renewal From Within The Garden and laid within the beautiful cover art by Gina Beavers so that you may keep them before your eyes as described in Deuteronomy 11:18 in several merchandise options to support you on your journey.  Additionally, “I AM”-Renewal From Within The Garden will be available in several ebook formats soon.

Magnet 14 I am's Poster Magnet
The Fourteen "I Am's of Christ" Palm Card Posters in ((5 X 7) + (9 X 12) - (11 X 14) - (16 X 20)) The Fourteen "I Am's of Christ" Magnet
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