"I AM" Renewal From Within the Garden

About the Cover

I am cover

I am honored to acknowledge and thank the artist that created the cover to this book. Gina Beaver was a god-send. Janine Fondon introduced Gina to me. Gina and I met briefly at my house to discuss some concepts for the cover, but somehow I could tell that the ideas were not fully resonating with Gina. We agreed to sleep on it and to meet in a few days at Janine’s house. Sitting at Janine’s dining room table, we talked freely about the book: why I was writing it and what it meant to me. I shared my ideas about the cover with Janine with much the same response that Gina had shown. All this time, Gina was doodling something quietly as she participated in our light-hearted conversation. As the meeting was winding down, Gina held up her doodle—it was a sketch of the picture for the cover. She had effortlessly captured the essence of all we had talked about.

The heart speaks to the healing of the broken spirit.

The hand speaks to the support that sustains us through every storm.

Both float in the sea of understanding and light that can enrich the lives and guide the paths of those willing to hear and listen.

Gina, thank you for the gift of your talents and insights.

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